An Introduction is in Order

So… you come here often?

I’d hope so. Because I just started this whole blogging thing and I might just be interesting enough to prompt you to tell me what I’m doing wrong. No jokes, that’d be awesome, just remember; constructive criticism.

Alright, now, the point of this post is for me to introduce myself, so without further ado, hi there. I’m Vlad. Or am I? The URL does say definitely-not-vlad after all. So what’s the deal there? Well that’s been my “gamer tag” for quite a while now, so I figured if I opened up this whole blogging can on of worms, may as well have some consistency to it.

So who is Vlad?

In a little town Kutina born and raised
On the Playstation was where I spent most of my days
Levelin’ up, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool
Avoided almost every sport outside of school

Pretty much your average nerdy, geeky gamer with a passion for video game development. 22, currently annoying the populace of Osijek, Croatia. I work as a tech support and no, to date I have not instructed someone to try turning it off and on again. Yet.

What’s this blog about?

Simply put, it’s a journal. I post about two topics predominantly, along with a bit of random posts to break the monotony (or duotony?).

Dev Journal

I make posts regarding my progress in learning how to use certain frameworks or programming languages, how to implement new functionalities in my pet projects and I invite people to discuss best practices and how I could have done something better, because at it’s core, the Dev Journal is all about learning.

Game Design Commentary

In this part of the blog, I point out great game design elements I find in the games I play and/or spectate. Ranging from play mechanics, to level design, to storytelling, to all around player experience.


No really, thanks for actually taking the time to read through that. I hope to hear from you in comments, but if you’re more the strong silent lurker type, I can respect that to. You do you friend, you do you.

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